How far can you go in the door and window industry

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(high quality home decoration, Carty doors and windows) the "first law" of the door and window industry has become the law followed by the development of all brands. As long as it becomes the first category of this category, it can lead other brands. The "first" that becomes the first rule is the number of dealers

therefore, the rapid investment attraction of horse racing enclosure has been regarded as a shortcut for brand development by the door and window industry. No matter how big the door and window manufacturer is; No matter how much capacity; No matter whether the dealers match their own pattern or strength, as long as they are willing, they will be under their command. No matter big or small brands, the era of "investment promotion is king" has been fully opened

manufacturers of doors and windows We all know a truth, that is, if we want to develop rapidly and share the market cake, we must quickly establish a channel network. With a strong channel, brand awareness will rise rapidly, and products will be exported to end customer families. However, there are too many door and window industry behaviors that attract investment too quickly

the product line or product delivery date cannot meet the market demand, resulting in a low survival rate of dealers, or there is a phenomenon of selling dog meat with sheep's head, and this phenomenon is getting worse. The result is more and more difficult to recruit. The reason for this is very simple, that is, the door and window manufacturers Your reputation is getting worse and worse

some enterprises seek or buy a large amount of information in the industry, and use phones and text messages to bombard and attract potential dealers; Some enterprises set up regional model markets to attract investment by holding regional small-scale investment promotion meetings; Other enterprises use third-party professional investment agencies to cooperate in investment promotion. In short, almost all the ways that can be used have been used, and with all kinds of High Commission incentives, we have achieved a lot




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