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Owners who have decoration experience or are in contact with decoration recently should know that most decoration companies will give corresponding quotations after measuring the houses, but such a list is far from easy to understand as you imagine, and we don't even know "hands and feet" on it. Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will take the 89 square meter quotation of Baoye Optical Valley Lido as an example to analyze and have a look with you

[Baoye Optical Valley Lido latest housing information]

area: 89 square meters; House type structure: two rooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom (variable to 3 rooms); Decoration method: half package; Decorative style: Modern and simple; (if you sign up for the group packaging activity in Lido community of Baoye Optical Valley, you can enjoy the super value discount of 3000 yuan cash back)

[the latest quotation of 89 square meters of Lido in Baoye Optical Valley]

now we see such a quotation, with a total price of about 37000. The owner of the community said that cabinet laying is the project he most wants to adhere to and pays more attention to in this project, such as wine cabinets, porches, wardrobes, etc. are all large items, and there is no room for carelessness. On the basis of ensuring the quality of foundation construction, other contents also need to have higher requirements. In addition, the decoration of the guest restaurant and aisle is the highest unit price in the whole quotation, excluding the construction of water and electricity. As the facade of the family, it is natural to spend more time in the living room

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