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It is said that the floor heating is "three design and seven installation". It is this three design and seven installation that completes the whole system. At present, many construction units do not have professional designers, and there is no professional design. How to ensure the rationality of the heating system? Floor heating design can be said to be the soul of the whole system. High quality heating system and professional design are inseparable. Next, let me share with you the relevant knowledge about how to design the household floor heating and the advantages and disadvantages of the household floor heating

now people's quality of life is constantly improving, and they pay more and more attention to the quality of their own life. In order to improve their living environment, many people will install household floor heating at home. Family floor heating is praised as the most comfortable heating method by many people, and it is also loved by many people. However, everything has two sides. Although family floor heating has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages. However, the advantages of home floor heating outweigh its disadvantages, which is also the reason why many people choose home floor heating

advantages of family floor heating

comfortable and healthy: in line with “ Warm feet and cool the roof ” The fitness theory does not cause dirty air and feels natural and comfortable

save operating costs: small heat loss, energy saving of about 20%, and operating costs of 20%. Good sound insulation effect

do not occupy indoor space: do not occupy space, and increase the use area, which is convenient for decoration and layout, and the service life is synchronized with the building

disadvantages of household floor heating

occupy 5— 6cm high, not convenient for secondary decoration

home floor heating design — Calculation of heat load in floor heating design

calculate according to the insulation effect, orientation, floor height, window, etc. of the room

home floor heating design — Floor heating design circuit

pay attention to flow balance. The maximum design is 120 meters, and the length of each road is the same

home floor heating design — The design of floor heating coil spacing

is set according to the room orientation and window. The coil spacing near the window is smaller

home floor heating design — Design of the trend mode of the floor heating coil

three typical modes: in-line, rotary and reciprocating. The most commonly used is gyratory

home floor heating design — Selection of floor heating pipes

choose a floor heating pipe suitable for your own home

home floor heating design — The design of the ground heating water temperature

the water supply temperature should be 40-60 degrees, and the flow rate should not be less than 0.25m/s

home floor heating design — Surface temperature design

frequent stay: 24-26 degrees; Short term stay: 28-34 degrees

home floor heating design — The filter is designed to prevent impurities from entering

home floor heating design — The design of electric control

can control the temperature in layers and rooms to achieve the purpose of energy saving

home floor heating design — The design of water separator

install valves at the beginning and end, and set manual exhaust devices for water separator and collector

home floor heating design — Load bearing design

when passing trucks, add a layer of steel mesh cement board

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