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The future development prospect of packaging printing at the end of 2011, the news that an international famous printing machinery enterprise applied for bankruptcy protection attracted strong attention from the global printing industry. The collapse of a generation of printing giants undoubtedly brought an earthquake to the global printing press and printing industry. It is reported that most of the equipment produced by the company is provided to newspapers and publishing enterprises. With the advent of the Internet publishing era, the company's orders have fallen sharply. We can have an insight into the impact of the information age on the printing market of books, newspapers and periodicals. When people are reading and downloading e-books with their intelligence, and more multimedia choose to join the network, they will no longer produce a printed version. The demand for traditional paper printing is shrinking, which directly affects the production demand of traditional printing equipment

in fact, the impact of digital publishing on the printing industry of traditional books, newspapers and periodicals is expanding by leaps and bounds. Thirty years ago, the printing of books and periodicals in China accounted for 90% of the printing market, but now it only accounts for more than 10%, which is enough to explain the rapid change of the market. At present, in the form of shrinking market share of publishing and printing, packaging printing has sprung up, opening up a vast blue ocean for traditional printing. Compared with the shrinking printing industry of books, newspapers and periodicals, the output value of the packaging printing industry is rising. In recent years, the elongation of some materials can be above 1000%. China's packaging and printing industry is moving forward, and the market scale is growing. More and more packaging and printing enterprises have reached hundreds of millions or billions. According to the statistics of Beijing Printing Association, in 2010, packaging and printing enterprises accounted for only 14.6% of the total number of printing enterprises in Beijing, but their profits accounted for 80% of all printing industries

every industry needs the support of packaging, and the quality of packaging determines the positioning of high-end and low-end products to a certain extent. From the perspective of market demand, such as the demand for rigid differences, with the positive drive of the policy to promote domestic consumption, the sales trend of the domestic retail market shows an obvious upward trend, and packaging can be said to be a big market in the next few years. As a result, many enterprises are ready to join the ranks at the right time. Many book, newspaper and newspaper printing plants have also begun to transform to packaging and printing, and have contacted more packaging customers one after another, hoping to get a certain share of the packaging business, so as to get out of the shadow caused by the shrinking of book, newspaper and printing. Recently, China business United Printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. signed a high-profile contract with German gaobao company to purchase 3 sets of packaging and printing equipment. China business United Printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. has always been a leader in the field of publication printing. This cooperation symbolizes that China business SEBS foaming materials will have great advantages and serve United Printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. to fully march into the packaging and printing market. This is undoubtedly a good proof of the prospects of the packaging market

the packaging market is a piece of fat for printing enterprises. How to share in this huge market share has become a hot topic in the industry. It is worth noting that good opportunities are often accompanied by great challenges. The packaging market covers a wide range, there are many printing materials, and the post press processing is complex. Therefore, enterprises entering the packaging market must do sufficient market research, understand the real needs of customers, understand all the equipment required for these packaging processing and their respective prices, etc

among various forms of packaging, color box packaging has developed most rapidly in recent years. It is widely used in tobacco, food, medicine, daily chemicals and other fields closely related to people's lives, and the demand is still expanding. On the other hand, color box packaging is more and more favored by enterprises because of its advantages of easy processing and exquisite printing effect, and has become the best choice for commodity packaging. However, with the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for color box packaging is increasing. At the same time, people also put forward higher requirements for the quality of color box packaging. Therefore, in the face of high profits of color box packaging and huge consumption potential of color box printing, enterprises must first strengthen their own production automation level, especially the level of post press processing automation, if they want to enter the color box packaging market. Different from publishing and printing, the post process of color box packaging products is more complex, especially for the color box packaging of medium and high-end products, which often needs to go through multiple post printing processes, such as on-line large sheet cutting, on-line hot stamping, polishing, die-cutting indentation, embossing, waste removal, on-line compounding, slitting and so on. The processing steps are very complicated, which requires enterprises to pay attention to the application of new technologies and equipment in the post-processing and production process of color box packaging, Continuously improve the automation of production, reduce the adjustment time of equipment and the auxiliary preparation time of live parts, so as to meet the customers' demand for continuous improvement of product quality

in recent years, with the support of high and new technology, the post press development trend has gradually diversified, and the technology application has become more and more mature. From the 2011 China International color box exhibition, we can see that the technical level and production speed of the post press processing equipment produced by high-quality domestic national enterprises have caught up with and surpassed the international level, reflecting the competitiveness of China's post press equipment production. Many powerful Postpress equipment manufacturers have emerged in China in recent years, such as Tianjin Changrong printing equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Shengli Weiye Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xuheng iron machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd., have brought their highly automated Postpress equipment. Especially in the aspect of post process waste cleaning technology, the degree of automation of waste cleaning machines at the exhibition is getting higher and higher. In addition to semi-automatic waste cleaning machines, full-automatic waste cleaning machines and equipment have also appeared. In addition to the function of removing all waste products, the full waste removal equipment also has the function of splitting, that is, each product on the linked plate can be automatically separated, and then the products can be collected neatly and stacked intelligently, thus reducing the manual waste removal and box splitting processes. In the field of multi unit equipment, Tianjin evergreen printing equipment Co., Ltd. has launched a multi station hot stamping solution, which breaks the limitation that the traditional flat paper flat pressing die-cutting machine and hot stamping machine have only one working position. It can be flexibly combined according to the process requirements of the product, and can complete a variety of combined processes such as hot stamping + hot stamping, hot stamping + die-cutting, hot stamping + embossing, The work efficiency is doubled

the 2012 China International color box Exhibition hosted by Reed Exhibitions group fully reflects this. With its unique innovation perspective, meticulous value-added services and comprehensive industry information, it has built a convenient, efficient, communication and mutually beneficial bridge for exhibitors, visitors and buyers. The 2012 China International color box exhibition will be held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie street, Dongguan from April 11 to 13, 2012. It is a boutique exhibition specializing in the display of new equipment, new consumables and new solutions for color boxes. The exhibition will gather hundreds of powerful color box equipment and consumables manufacturers at home and abroad and color box processing equipment manufacturers. The exhibits will be displayed in a wide range, in a wide range of categories and in a wide range of varieties, including folding cartons, hard boxes, plastic boxes Paper bags and other processing equipment. At the 2012 China International color box exhibition, printing enterprises can witness the latest development of manufacturing technology of China's back-end processing equipment (such as die-cutting, bronzing, laminating, glazing and other equipment) through the latest products of many well-known back-end processing equipment manufacturers in China. It is worth mentioning that this 2012 China International color box exhibition will be held at the same time as South China International Corrugated exhibition, which will provide an efficient communication platform for those printing enterprises that are ready to enter or have entered the paper packaging market to understand the latest trends and industry development trends of the paper packaging market and evaluate the development prospects of the paper packaging market

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