The future development trend of forklift industry

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Shangpu Consulting: the future development trend of China's forklift industry. The development of China's forklift industry is closely related to the level of China's economic development and the degree of industrialization. With the rapid development of the logistics industry and people's awareness of forklift use

in recent years, forklift trucks have developed very rapidly in China. Due to the wide application range of forklift trucks, the market demand in various fields is increasing. The development of China's forklift industry is closely related to China's economic development level and the degree of industrialization. With the rapid development of the logistics industry and the enhancement of people's awareness of forklift use, China's forklift has made great progress in various aspects, such as quality and variety

Shangpu consulting machinery industry analysts pointed out that the development of the global forklift industry belongs to the mature stage of the market, while China still belongs to the development stage, and the products still need to be continuously improved. Forklift truck has not been expanded in the scope of application, and the R & D capability of the enterprise is weak. Therefore, how to meet the diversified needs of the market in the future is the key to the development of the industry

in recent years, the difference between China's industry and commerce is that the volume of long coal is too large, and the number of industrial vehicles is growing rapidly at a rate of 30% every year. The forklift market in China is very broad, which has attracted many foreign forklift manufacturers. The forklift industry has achieved rapid growth for several consecutive years. Statistics show that the forklift industry has been growing at about 20% in recent years, and it is expected to maintain rapid development in the future. With the rapid development of forklift industry, some private enterprises have also joined the team, but there are very few enterprises that really form a certain industry scale among the numerous forklift production enterprises

according to the statistics of industrial vehicles branch of China Engineering Machinery Industry Association, last year, China sold more than 230000 forklifts (including exports), exceeding 200000 for the first time. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the average annual growth rate of forklift sales reached about 25%. At present, the market sales volume of forklift trucks in China exceeds one fourth of the total sales volume of forklift trucks in the world

at present, China's forklift industry shares five important factors that affect the performance, accuracy and service life of the tensile testing machine. Only a few enterprises, such as Hangzhou forklift Co., Ltd. and Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd., are small in scale. With the improvement of China's industrialization level, the scope of use of forklifts continues to increase, and domestic enterprises have been difficult to meet the development needs of the market, Compared with foreign products, we still have a big gap

the market analysis and Investment Value Research Report on stacking forklift trucks in Dalian and Panjin, a world-class petrochemical industrial base to be built in Liaoning Province, China, issued by Shangpu consulting pointed out that the development of forklift truck industry should form a certain scale, enterprises should become bigger and stronger, and later industrial vehicle manufacturers should fully understand the market, not engage in repeated construction, and adhere to rational competition. At present, China's Forklift enterprises basically occupy some low and middle end markets, and their production lacks core science and technology. We should actively adjust the product structure, constantly meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, and march into the medium and high end markets

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