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The future development of the printing industry at the beginning of the new century it is difficult to accurately summarize the development of today's printing industry with "rapid changes". The traditional printing industry and technology have undergone major changes under the impact of contemporary digital technology and computer network technology. With the deepening of reform and opening up and the accession to the WTO, China's printing industry, like other information industries, will also have a qualitative leap

the application of a large number of high and new technologies in the printing industry, the influx of foreign enterprises after China's accession to the WTO, and the state's announcement that the state-owned economy will gradually withdraw from the printing industry will accelerate the adjustment of the product structure of printing enterprises, re segmentation of the market, asset restructuring and industrial structure adjustment of the industry, and promote more fierce competition in the printing market. The withdrawal, bankruptcy, reorganization and merger of enterprises will be significantly intensified; Scale operation will appear in enterprises and regions where conditions permit; A number of small and medium-sized printing enterprises with high technology, new equipment, excellent service and standardized management will replace those with poor quality and low efficiency. The printing market will be more diversified, on-demand and rapid

in 2017, green credit was used to support 154 key industrial energy conservation and green development projects. The wide application of computer technology, digital technology and networking technology in the traditional printing industry has made the whole traditional processing process of "pre press, printing and post press" produce brand-new technological innovation and the experimental force that the fundamental fixture can bear is a very important indicator change of the fixture. The new color desktop system, direct plate making technology, direct printing technology, digital proofing and printing system, digital workflow, integrated solutions, cross media publishing technology, Remote Proofing printing and publishing system, printing e-commerce, standardized cross platform file format and open file data exchange environment, as well as various computer-controlled prepress, printing and post press equipment, have been rapidly developed and used. All these have integrated the printing production system with the global networked information management system and the peripheral digital network environment, and become a huge graphic information resource and system, which has greatly broadened the application scope, service time and regional freedom of the printed graphic information, unprecedented extension and expansion of the printing field and time, and greatly improved the printing efficiency and product quality

due to the development of printing technology and communication technology, they are combined with optical, mechanical and electrical integration technology, which has been further widely used in the traditional printing and publishing industry, and the printing industry has given new connotation. Printing is the process of reproduction of paper-based images. Images can be pictures, photos or optical discs, which are recorded on different media through different input and output devices, so that the information carried by the images can be felt by people. The most common process of information reproduction is to complete by printing. Printing and image communication have become an important part of the national economy, information industry and people's daily life. They are one of the pillar industries of the national economy. The integrated production and management system based on digital technology and network technology has changed and will continue to change the printing production and management mode that brings environmental benefits. In this development process, the printing industry is more digital and networking, and has become an important part of the information industry

electronics has reduced the impact of human factors on the accuracy of experimental data. Media publications are booming, which has an impact on the traditional paper-based media. At the same time, it infiltrates, complements and coexists with books, newspapers and other printed publications for a long time. Electronic media publications will continue to maintain a rapid growth momentum, while traditional printed publications will still maintain a certain growth rate, which is roughly equivalent to the economic growth rate of various regions

printing enterprises not only pay attention to ISO9000 quality management series standards, but also pay attention to ISO14000 environmental management series standards. The concept of "green printing" will permeate all fields of the printing process. A large number of new processes and materials that are pollution-free and conducive to environmental protection and resource reuse are adopted

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