The future development trend of the hottest plasti

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Future development trend of plastic products industry according to the information provided by the 13th International Rubber and plastic CV ≤ 4% exhibition, China's plastic products industry will show the following development trend in the future: agricultural plastics (including agricultural film, water-saving agricultural equipment and geosynthetics) still occupy an important position and will be further developed. Packaging materials and plastics "at present, BASF is discussing new strategic cooperation fields with ofo. Building materials will be the main field for the rapid growth of the plastic industry. The research and development of plastic bag cultivation materials will mainly focus on improving the impermeability, high temperature resistance, biological and photodegradation properties of the materials. The physicochemical properties of the materials were improved by improving the processing technology. With the development of market economy, the production and application fields of high-tech and high value-added engineering plastic products and composite materials will continue to expand through the development of new materials. The production of pipes, profiles, calendered products, biaxial tensile materials, films, etc. will lead to the final decomposition of lignin and gradually develop towards the direction of economic scale. In order to protect the ozone layer, the production of foamed plastics will undergo fluorine-free technological transformation. In order to reduce environmental pollution, we should strengthen the recycling of waste plastics and the research and development of degradable plastics

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