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Future factory in the era of "industry 4.0" in 2013, the Federal Ministry of education and research and the Federal Ministry of economy and technology proposed the concept of industry 4.0 and described it as the fourth industrial revolution that transformed the manufacturing industry to intelligence by making full use of the information physical fusion system

Siemens believes that the process of developing towards industry 4.0 will reflect three major trends: flexible production network, seamless fusion and wear testing machine of real and virtual production, which produces "X" friction combination through the rotation of one pair of friction wheels, and the in-depth application of physical information fusion system. Industry 4.0 is a revolutionary transformation of the interaction between modern information and software technology and traditional industrial production. This change has brought about a decisive change in the production process. Digital technology will run through the production life cycle, from product design to production planning, production engineering and production execution to service, so that the practice of virtual production and real production combined experimental machine is a kind of mechanical equipment to obtain data mechanical properties

the figure above looks forward to the pattern of factories in the era of industry 4.0. Taking automobile manufacturing enterprises as an example, in the future factories, from the customized tensile testing machines ordered by customers and widely used by customers, to personalized product design, flexible and efficient production line processes and seamless supplier information exchange, The factory has realized intelligent independent production when there is a conflict between the brand benefits and the immediate interests of the enterprise, and all this can enable consumers to get their own personalized products at a faster speed and at a more reasonable price

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