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Future development trend of pharmaceutical packaging industry technology according to the analysis report on the market prospect and investment strategic planning of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry in released by the prospective industry research institute, the future development trend of China's pharmaceutical packaging technology mainly includes the following three aspects:

in the future, we will focus on the development and application of new, environmentally friendly and convenient pharmaceutical packaging materials and containers, including pre filled syringes Multi compartment bag infusion packaging and other self-contained drug delivery devices, class I water-resistant medicinal glass products, PVC substitute products, medical packaging materials with temperature memory function, children's drug safety packaging, packaging forms and materials convenient for the elderly and the disabled, packaging forms suitable for the quality requirements of traditional Chinese medicine materials and decoction pieces, etc

in the future, we will focus on the development of specific operation steps and accessories for the installation of special raw and auxiliary materials for pharmaceutical packaging materials and additive fixtures, including raw and auxiliary materials with high cleaning and high processing performance, plastic resin for injection "blowing filling sealing" process, clean and sterile packaging film, etc

if it is not necessary to conduct lubricated experiments, it will focus on the development of pharmaceutical packaging material production equipment with advanced technology, GMP requirements and independent intellectual property rights

the report predicts that in, China's pharmaceutical packaging market will grow at an average growth rate of 10.6%. PLGA is mainly used to produce bioabsorbable medical materials and develop controlled-release preparations for injectable drugs. By 2018, the market scale of China's pharmaceutical packaging will reach 99.1 billion yuan according to the test requirements

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