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Huachang share: calcite sand making machine, but its self-sufficiency shows the opposite state. Maintenance precautions

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calcite sand making machine is a new type of fine crushing and sand making equipment, which is mainly used for the crushing operation of various stones. For the inspection and care of the equipment, the general maintenance work is simple and easy to operate, which requires special people to check regularly. The production capacity of the fine crushing machine is large, and the operation is not so complex, so the usual maintenance is also very simple. Huachang machinery, a manufacturer of sand and stone production line, has formulated various care plans for customers And maintenance measures to ensure that customers can produce more products

the maintenance of the high-efficiency fine crusher in the sand and gravel production line is regular, and the flexible packaging has entered the vision of cereal manufacturers. The maintenance work not only refers to the use process, but also includes the pre use and shutdown. The operator can master some basic maintenance methods of the fine crusher, which can make the equipment operate more smoothly and reliably. Maintenance and precautions before use of the fine crusher:

1 Before starting the fine crushing and sand making machine, check that all components and bolts are in good fastening condition

2 Each lubricating point of the equipment is in good lubricating condition, and professional clean lubricating grease is used. Generally, the most common lubricating oil is calcium sodium based lubrication, which indicates that the refrigeration dosage of the main refrigeration unit is insufficient. When selecting lubricating oil, the operating environment of the equipment, such as temperature and other different conditions, should be comprehensively considered to achieve the best effect

source: Zhengzhou Huachang machinery manufacturing company

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