Precautions for installing the hottest plug-in sen

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Precautions for installation of plug-in sensor

1. Slag inclusion, sand hole and water seepage must be avoided during welding of ball valve base

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2. The welding of the two ball valve bases must be ensured on the same shaft surface to prevent unsatisfactory ultrasonic signal acceptance

3. After opening the hole, the iron filings and other impurities in the ball valve must be cleaned to prevent thread adhesion and obstinacy when the sensor probe rod is screwed in

4. It must be ensured that the ultrasonic transmitting surfaces at the front ends of the two sensors are relative and parallel (that is, the inlet holes of the two sensors are facing up or down at the same time). Although the spring is widely used, the mining anchor bolt cutter (steel bar cutter) is used to trim the length of the anchor bolt

5. Tighten the locknut and sealing cover after the sensor is installed to prevent the sensor from loosening and water ingress. The fixture is made of metal

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