Precautions for installation and maintenance of th

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Precautions for installation and maintenance of bellows valve

bellows stop valve has the following advantages:

1. It is simple in structure and convenient to manufacture and maintain in various fields

2. Small working stroke and short opening and closing time

therefore, the self destruction program can be set by controlling the amount of fuel given at the beginning. 3. Good sealing, small friction between sealing surfaces and long service life

the disadvantages of bellows stop valve are as follows:

1. The fluid resistance is large, and the force required for opening and closing is large

2. It is not suitable for media with particles, high viscosity and easy coking

3. Poor regulation performance

the installation and maintenance of bellows stop valve should pay attention to the following matters:

1. The stop valve operated by hand wheel and handle can be installed at any position of the pipeline

2 in order to widely use the film blowing machine in various industries as far as possible to reduce the impact of friction, the handwheel, handle and moving mechanism are not allowed to be used for lifting

3. The flow direction of medium should be consistent with the arrow direction shown on the valve body

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