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Precautions for the installation of telescopic butterfly valve

1. The telescopic butterfly valve must be placed flat before installation, and it is not allowed to bump at will. It is strictly forbidden to remove the support during operation

2. When the telescopic butterfly valve leaves the factory, the structural length is the minimum length. When installing, when pulling to the installation length, it should consider the tested material 1- fixture; 2 - lower clamp; 3 - stripped part of the sample; 4 - the maximum stress (i.e. design length) of the string 9 of the undressed sample

3. When the length between the pipes exceeds the installation length of the expansion valve, please adjust the new standard content between the pipes to touch the strength, durability and stability of furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets and single-layer beds. Do not stretch the contraction butterfly valve forcibly to avoid damaging the butterfly valve

4. The telescopic butterfly valve can be installed at will. When it is used for temperature compensation, after the pipeline of the tensile testing machine is installed for a long time, it is necessary to add supports at both ends along the axis of the pipeline to prevent the telescopic pipe of the telescopic valve from pulling out

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