Precautions for installation and maintenance of th

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Precautions for installation and maintenance of butterfly valves

transportation and storage

1. During the handling of butterfly valves, the two sealing surfaces should be protected to prevent bumps

2. The butterfly valve should be stored in a rain proof, dust-proof and dry place, so that the butterfly plate is open at 5 ° -10 ° and covered to prevent sundries from entering the sealing surface

precautions for installation and use

1. Before installation, check whether the specification, pressure, temperature and corrosion resistance of the butterfly valve meet the use requirements. Check whether all parts are damaged or loose

2. This butterfly valve can be installed with a pluggable control board, which will produce a strong induced electromotive force. On the pipeline at any angle, it is advisable to close the installation; When welding the pipe flange, the sealing port of the valve should be blocked with a plate to prevent particles and sundries from bruising the sealing surface. After welding, remove the valve, clean the sealing surface of the valve and the inner cavity of the pipe, and then install and fix the valve

3. Please pay attention to the pressure bearing direction of the valve in the closed state during installation. The installation of ordinary pipeline valves shall be in accordance with (Figure 1). 3. Specification of metal anchor rod and anchor cable test pieces: the installation of valves in front of the pump shall be in accordance with (figure 2)

4. Before installation, the sealing surface (sealing surface at both ends, sealing surface of butterfly plate, sealing surface of valve seat) should be thoroughly wiped clean to remove dust and dirt

5. The butterfly valve should be air tested before installation. The opening and closing should be flexible, and the opening and closing position should be consistent with the pointer indication position

6. Manually operate clockwise to close and counterclockwise to open. Do not apply force to open and close the valve after the pointer indication is in place

7. During the pressure test of the valve, it is not allowed to use a single flange for installation and pressure test, but must use a double flange for installation and pressure test (see Figure 3). The test pressure shall comply with gb/t standard

8. Tighten the bolts symmetrically and alternately, and it is not allowed to tighten them separately in turn

9. The limit screw has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and it is not allowed to be adjusted easily. If the configured driving device is electric or pneumatic, please read the instructions of the supporting driven extruder as an important processing equipment

10. The opening and closing stroke of the control mechanism has been adjusted when the electric butterfly valve leaves the factory. In order to prevent the wrong direction when the power is connected, the user should manually open it to the half open position before connecting the power for the first time, and then press the inching switch to check that the direction of the indicator wheel is consistent with the opening direction of the valve

11. In case of abnormal opening and closing of the valve, the cause should be found out for repair and elimination, so as to prevent the valve from being damaged by opening and closing the valve with afterburner. (equipment for experiment end)

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