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Lin Jingxin: managers, the "subtraction management" on the road to successful development

after crossing a certain peak in life, the goals pursued by people will change. The career development path is no longer just a straight path, but there are many branches. Different branches represent different feelings and meanings of life, and subtraction management is to better see the direction --

many years ago, Ma Yun, who first came into contact with the Internet, was deeply attracted by the magical power of the Internet. With a keen sense of touch, he realized that a huge business opportunity was in front of him. Without hesitation, he resigned as a university teacher with good income and stable work, and devoted himself to the development of online trading platforms

it was the middle of the 1990s, and the Internet had just sprung up in China, and the online trading platform was not only a new thing, but also a strange industry that Jack Ma had never been in touch with. The future was whether to die or live, whether it was clear, and then to start the experiment, no one knew. But in Ma Yun's mind, the goal he identified is a new direction of life that is worth giving up everything now and pursuing unswervingly

that year, Ma Yun was 31 years old. He has just stepped into his thirties as an outstanding young teacher in Hangzhou. The headmaster also promised him the position of director of the foreign affairs office, and his career development prospects are bright. However, the maverick Ma Yun waved his hand. After identifying the new life goal, he gave up all his existing status, identity and treatment, and resolutely rushed towards his dream

ten years later, Alibaba has become the world's leading B2B station, and Jack Ma has therefore become one of the richest people in China. His giving up in those years has brought him great glory today

in the industry, there are more and more managers: they no longer follow the traditional rules of career development. They have worked hard in a famous enterprise or a stable institution for decades, and the stability of their work is of no value to them. After ten years of long-distance running on a certain road of life, many of them began to make a life turn, resolutely giving up everything they had before and embarking on another strange but tempting cross path in the forest of life. Some people go to pursue the next step of wealth directly, some people go to prove their ability, while others simply go to seek a new sense of life - the rapidly developing Chinese economy and the constantly relaxed social atmosphere provide a possibility for Ma Yun's new struggle in life

measured by ordinary values, it is difficult for us to understand why a successful professional manager like Ma Yun would make a new life choice in a stable career. However, from the perspective of increasingly diversified social values, Ma Yun's choice seems to be completely understandable: the definition of success by successful people is constantly changing. Success is no longer just high-ranking officials, success is no longer just success, success can be more like giving up everything that has been there, and bravely pursuing the simple dream hidden in their hearts for a long time

compared with the junior professional managers who are constantly climbing on the road of life development, these managers who have passed the initial career exploration period and entered the golden period of their career -- we call them "post professional managers". In this era of drastic changes, for some reason, they are willing to risk certain risks and pressures and bravely make new plans for the golden period of their life and career

"post professional managers" are mostly about 35 years old, and their career has entered a new stage of life. They are no longer willing to fight for simple survival, but are willing to give up what they have for a certain goal or personal ideal, and use the experience, contacts, knowledge and capital accumulated in the first half of their life to realize their other wishes

after decades of ups and downs in the workplace, most of the "post professional managers" have developed the ability to insight into the world. They have a positive attitude towards life, a strong sense of personal mission, and rich life experience, so they have a deeper understanding of career, life, and life pursuit than young managers, and their choices and career planning are often more clear. Of course, there are mistakes in any decision-making, and the decision-making mistakes in the golden age of career will be heavy for "post professional managers", because time does not allow them to have a chance to make a comeback

what we want to explore is what principles and standards "post professional managers" should grasp when making new career decisions in order to draw a perfect end to the last scene of their career

ran frantically, and then changed direction

Zeng shaoting polyurethane was invented by the German company of covestro (formerly Bayer Material Technology) in 1937. After that, he was a senior manager of a foreign-funded enterprise in Guangzhou. He has been employed for more than ten years, and his career development has been smooth. He also has a certain popularity in the industry and has a good life. In April, 2006, on his 36th birthday, Zeng shaoting suddenly made a decision that surprised everyone. He decided to quit his senior management position, invest in a coffee shop and become a boss

a successful manager is not necessarily a successful boss. Many people advise Zeng shaoting like this, not to mention that he is in the class of continuous promotion in the company. If he persists for a few years, he may get more senior positions and rich salaries. Why take risks to develop new businesses at this juncture

in this foreign-funded enterprise, Zeng shaoting has served for 15 years. He has seen clearly the future of his career development -- but it is this "visible" future that makes him lose a strong sense of expectation for his next stage of development. As a hard-working and active person, Zeng shaoting has achieved what he hopes to achieve in the first half of his life: money, reputation, industry status, and what he lacks is to let life unfold completely according to his will

as a person with a great sense of life, he likes delicious food, tasteful things, and a soothing atmosphere full of flavor. At the same time, he also hopes to make life full of fresh expectations. Opening a stylish high-end coffee shop just meets his wishes -- for Zeng shaoting, his new career goal is very simple: not to work for money, but to work for the enjoyment of life

more than a year passed quickly, and Zeng shaoting proved his decision to be correct with his actions -- although the business of the coffee shop was not very good and the income was not as high as before, Zeng shaoting was very satisfied with the leisurely lifestyle and the lifestyle of completely mastering his own pace

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