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Subsidies for the purchase of plant protection UAVs (Lu Haiyin interns Qi Tanglin) in recent years, with the rapid development of polyurea spraying technology in the fatigue life test steps of national automobile front axle stands, land centralization and large-scale management, farmers' cooperatives, family farms and other agricultural production and management organizations continue to grow, bringing new opportunities to the development of plant protection UAVs. Yesterday, it was learned from the District Agricultural Committee that since 2018, plant protection UAVs in the catalogue of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in Chongqing can be declared subsidies. Among them, the subsidy for each single rotary wing plant protection UAV is 29000 yuan, and the subsidy for each multi rotor plant protection UAV (including battery) is 16000 yuan

the object of subsidy for the purchase of plant protection UAVs is: agricultural production and operation organizations (buyers) engaged in plant protection operations in Jiangjin District, including rural collective economic organizations, farmers' professional cooperative economic organizations, agricultural enterprises and other organizations engaged in agricultural production and operation. No subsidy is temporarily granted to individuals who purchase plant protection UAVs. The application for cashing the subsidy funds for the purchase of plant protection UAVs adopts the operation mode of "independent purchase, quota subsidy, first purchase and then supplement, and directly supplement to the card (household)", and the annual subsidy pilot fund quota is used up

then, what conditions should the subsidy object have? The relevant person in charge of the District Agricultural Committee introduced that the subsidy object should have a certain number of operators who have been trained and qualified by the pilot product production enterprises or professional institutions; There is a relatively sound system for the operation and management of plant protection unmanned aerial vehicles, including entry and exit registration, specially assigned personnel custody, plant protection operation process, safe flight control, operation record statistics and other systems; Before applying for subsidies, the real name registration or nationality registration has been completed in accordance with the regulations on the registration management of civil unmanned aerial vehicles under the real name system, property damage insurance and third party insurance have been insured, and a certain amount of plant protection operations have been completed. In addition, the buyer can apply for subsidies only after he has completed the plant protection operation of a single machine with an area of 200 mu or more in the municipal area that year

according to the relevant person in charge of the District Agricultural Committee, the buyer can go to the Agricultural Service Center in Zhenjie street, where the buyer is registered, during working hours from Monday to Friday Problems caused by neglect: such problems are caused by neglect in the test process and other reasons. The proposed subsidies include the application of power switch funds. In addition, buyers who are stably engaged in UAV plant protection services across regions can also apply for subsidy funds at the Zhenjie agricultural service center where the plant protection services are located

when applying for subsidies, the buyer also needs to provide the following materials to the Zhenjie Agricultural Service Center: the original of the buyer's production and operation organization registration certificate, the original of the handler's ID card, the power of attorney, the payee's postal savings bank card (passbook), the purchase invoice, and the single machine operation volume certificate of no less than 200 mu. The original of the above materials shall be provided together with a set of corresponding copies. If citizens have any questions, they can consult the local Zhenjie Agricultural Service Center

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