Analysis of the hottest digital printing market

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Analysis of the digital printing market (Part 2)

market demand + grasp business opportunities = success. With the society and the CBRC having not received the materials reported by Suning bank, the development of the material economy and the needs of people's diversified lives, short edition printing has become an important type of printing that cannot be ignored in the printing market, and the main competitiveness of digital printing is precisely reflected in the short edition printing market. For a long time, due to the limitations of objective technology and the influence of subjective people's ideas, the types and quantities of short editions have been constantly changing. In the past, black-and-white short edition activities, which mainly focused on text printing and school handouts or textbooks, have been increasingly replaced by high-quality and small batch color prints such as advertising, color inserts, company promotional materials, and bills of banks, telecommunications, insurance institutions. According to the different users served by the digital printing office, the digital printing market can be divided into commercial market, personal market and publishing market. In these fields, digital printing can give full play to its process advantages and cost advantages. 1. Commercial market: with the prosperity and development of Commerce, commercial activities are becoming more and more frequent. The application scope of digital printing is extremely wide, and there are a wide variety of prints, such as product promotion leaflets, company activity leaflets, industry bidding documents, corporate image design manuals, hotel menus, company annual reports, postal, banking, insurance bills, etc. At present, the commercial market is the most important and important market of digital printing. 2. Personal market: with the improvement of people's living standards and consumption levels, more and more people pursue the interest and personalization of life. Ultra short personalized printed materials such as personal calligraphy, painting and photography works, personal postcards, personalized invitations, personal calendars and calendars, holiday greeting cards, personalized cards and so on gradually enter the homes of ordinary people. The potential of the personal market cannot be underestimated. 3. Publishing market: with the gradual liberalization of the domestic publishing market, a series of important changes are taking place in the book publishing and printing industry. Short edition printing has begun to receive the attention of the industry. On demand short edition printing with personalization, practicality and efficiency has become a development direction of the printing industry and will also become a new profit point in the market. The change and development of digital printing market are not only restricted by the development of social economy, the improvement of people's living standards and consumption concepts, the cultivation of specific markets, but also depends on the supporting conditions of printing technology and equipment. Digital printing short edition has always been a part of the printing market, but in recent years, it has undergone great changes in the type and quantity of printing, and the printing quality has been rapidly improved. At the same time, new digital printing technology and equipment have brought new changes to the pattern of the whole printing market, which provide a basic guarantee for the prosperity and development of the digital printing market. In order to change this situation and improve the equipment, digital printing technology has made great changes in the quality grade and printing activity of short print. This is a new polyester type made of proprietary bio PDO (1,3-propanediol) and the printing quantity. This change has fundamentally changed the previous positioning of the digital printing market and brought opportunities for market expansion. According to professionals, although the domestic short print market is immature, its market share will grow rapidly in the next few years. The data provided by Pira shows that the demand for small batch digital short edition printing is expected to rise to 20% - 25% by 2010. Such a considerable growth rate not only makes insiders very optimistic about digital printing technology and digital printing market, but also many outsiders are trying to join in. In this new era brought by digital technology, we are facing many challenges all the time. At the same time, the development of new digital technology and the growth of market demand have also opened up a more potential market for us. In order to achieve a more lasting and stable development, stay in the forefront of the industry and closely follow the market trend, we must lock in the target market, grasp business opportunities and fully tap the potential of the digital printing market

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