Successful acceptance of the hottest Dongfeng Cumm

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Successful acceptance of Dongfeng Cummins engine trial production management project

successful acceptance of Dongfeng Cummins engine trial production management project

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Guide: Recently, Dongfeng 1. Dismantle the leaking medium recovery waste liquid tank after the test tube road; The trial production management of Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng Cummins) focuses on providing policy, capital, technology and talent support for the enterprise, and the project has been successfully accepted. This project has further improved the enterprise's product R & D management system, which is conducive to enhancing the enterprise's production, but not strengthening the R & D and innovation strength of national products! Dongfeng Cummins is located in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, high-tech industries

recently, the trial production management project of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfeng Cummins") was successfully accepted. This project further improved the enterprise's product R & D management system and helped enhance the enterprise's product R & D and innovation strength

located in Xiangyang high tech Industrial Development Zone, Hubei Province, Dongfeng Cummins is a company with 50% equity held by Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. and Cummins of the United States, and its main business is diesel engine manufacturing. With a registered capital of more than US $100 million, it mainly produces a number of series of mechanical diesel engines, fully electronically controlled diesel engines, natural gas engines, etc., with an annual output of 235000 units. Its products are widely praised by users at home and abroad for their advanced economy, power, reliability, durability and environmental safety

in 2007, Dongfeng Cummins began to cooperate with Kaimu company in the field of information technology, using Kaimu pfsm system to standardize, standardize and efficiently manage enterprise product data, and realized the deepening application of pfsm system in the later six years, successively dredged up the upstream and downstream information data flow of enterprises, opened up the information barriers between design, R & D, supply chain, finance, materials and other links, and established a product project management system, It effectively improves the product quality and reduces the cost of people, materials and time

Dongfeng Cummins has many product series and many product deformations. With the continuous expansion of the market, there are more and more orders with multi batch, small batch, short cycle and personalized needs. In order to further optimize product order configuration management, shorten product delivery time, and improve product quality and performance, Dongfeng Cummins once again joined hands with Kaimu company to build a product trial production management platform

as an automobile engine manufacturer, the design, quality and performance of products are very important, and no small detail can be missed. According to the characteristics of the trial production process of Dongfeng Cummins products, Kaimu company has built a management platform covering eight parts, including experiment, installation and restructuring, which will produce some metal chips and dismantle the machine. It undertakes the product design link from the top and starts the experiment, trial production and manufacturing link from the bottom. On the one hand, standardize the process of product experiment and trial production, and establish a closed-loop management mode. The trial production of products is carried out in stages according to the plan, and the enterprise managers can control the trial production progress at any time; On the other hand, it dredges the information channels with QAD and MES systems, effectively controls the trial production materials and manufacturing link data, and makes sound decisions on product manufacturing and marketing

trial production management can not only assist Dongfeng Cummins to effectively verify the feasibility of new products, but also test the applicability and ease of use of old products, so as to comprehensively improve product design and performance, improve product quality, accelerate product launch cycle, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises

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