The hottest World Cup roasted the empty cans

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The world cup has warmed up the empty cans

the highest market price of "star face" cans has exceeded the 1000 yuan mark

after drinking cans, they all think that empty cans can only be used as waste products for 10 cents. But after the world cup kicked off, the "market" changed greatly - yesterday, it was found in Chengdu that cans have not only become a collection, but a can two years ago can be sold for hundreds of yuan

empty cans used to be "money cans"

yesterday, it was found in the Dafeng postal coin card market that some merchants had posted the slogan of "purchasing coke cans". After inquiry, the cheapest cans also cost 20 yuan. The boss proudly said that in foreign countries, cans have long been a collection. At present, about 10% of the businesses in the collection market in Beijing and Shanghai are engaged in cans business. "I will accept those with stars or special commemorative meanings". It is understood that the current market price of hardcover Olympic cola cans with "2008 China seal" is about 20 yuan; The 2004 "Athens Olympic torch Beijing Olympic torch relay" cola bottle sold for about 30 yuan; In 2002, the world cup jar even rose to 500 yuan; In 1992, the first batch of coke cans in Beijing broke through the amazing 1000 yuan mark

investment this is a very useful configuration of cannon e system enhanced metering equipment. 1 yuan 7 revenue rolled a few times

then I saw in the supermarkets in the city that the canned drinks of Coca Cola and Pepsi had a new world cup version packaging. There are the world cup Hercules cup, Ballack, Ronaldo and so on. The promoters said that "these bottles are limited special commemorative packages". I found a group of "cans fans" in the collection salon on. You "rabbit" has been collecting coke cans since it was still a work of art in 2000. It has a collection of different patterns in more than 200 countries. He believes that collecting cans is a "business" with extremely low investment costs and high returns. "Each can costs only 1.7 yuan!" In addition, there are many posts on how to save cans. For example, to get water, two small holes are punched in the secret place of the tank to ensure the "appearance"

if you want to sell at a high price, you have to wait

what is slightly surprising is that the harm of cans trading in Chengdu market is very cold. Asked about cans, a boss shook his head and said, "no one understands this business yet." Then the boss explained, "this thing is only popular in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai at present. I have just begun to make it here, and I only accept it but not sell it." But the boss confidently pointed to the Fuwa coke can on his wall and said, "by 2008, this bottle will rise to at least 100 yuan!"

source: West China Metropolis Daily

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