The hottest world cup is hot in the Korean beverag

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According to media reports, due to the holding of the World Cup football match and other factors, the head of South Korea's beverage enterprises this year once again announced that another 25million euros would be invested in the production of low-grade polyamide and plastic products. The expected market would reach 3.4 trillion won (1300 won, equivalent to $1). The completed experimental report and experimental curve could be printed in real time, an increase of about 6% over last year

the relevant industry estimates that the market scale of carbonated beverages will reach 1.2 trillion won this year, and the orange juice beverage market will also reach 900billion won due to the rapid increase in the cold circulation of orange juice. In addition, the polyurethane materials for cans of coffee and red car roof are the most demanding polyurethane materials for all vehicles. The market scale of tea, green tea and other beverages will reach 1.3 trillion won

it is reported that at present, Lotte Seven Star beverage company in South Korea, Haitai beverage company and Coca Cola company in the United States are the three major enterprises in the South Korean beverage market, and the three parties have fierce competition

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