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Is the World Conference on artificial intelligence far from our mind controlling machines

is the World Conference on artificial intelligence far from our mind controlling machines

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original title: is the World Conference on artificial intelligence far from controlling machines with our minds

Editor's note: at the Microsoft theme forum of the 2018 World artificial intelligence greater India conference, Daniela Rus, director of the computer science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of MIT, shared with us how intelligent robots can bring to our human life in today's ubiquitous computing and artificial intelligence

at the AI conference these two days, we listened to many AI stories. What I want to share today is, what can AI bring to robotics

Daniela Rus, director of MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

today, our machines have been able to help humans do many things, such as working with humans in factories, 3D printing, remote connection between doctors and patients, and so on. In the future, with the help of AI, robots can do more for people and make their work and life more intelligent and convenient

let AI inject into robots

ai technology can promote the progress of robot technology in two dimensions and promote the realization of the vision of future life. On the one hand, it is static, using AI to improve the intelligence of the machine, such as cognitive ability; On the other hand, it is dynamic. AI is used to improve the physical movement ability of the robot

and AI and robotics will complement each other. AI can give machines the ability to watch, speak, think, and even play games like humans. Machine learning enables machines to make predictions based on data; Robots can connect virtual computing with real-time physical motion

compared with life 20 years ago, calculation has completely overturned our way of work, life and leisure. So in such a computing society, where can robots help humans

first of all, we can automate many items. For example, in the field of transportation, autonomous vehicle can help us reduce traffic accidents, better, faster and safer transportation of people and things, and even take our parents and elders out to travel anytime, anywhere, so that their later life is richer. If there are autonomous vehicle, we can also imagine self driving wheelchairs. We can turn anything with wheels into automatic

secondly, we can integrate automation technology into intelligent devices. For example, using a wearable special belt to let the blind feel the outside world, or instead of him to identify the surrounding objects and tell him whether there are obstacles in front of him, the blind can safely go out for a walk alone

artificial intelligence and the future of robots

to make robots better serve human life, we need to understand that robots, like humans, need not only intelligence to guide how to complete tasks, but also action ability to complete various tasks, and also have good ability to interact with humans. These are the directions for us to improve robots in the future. I will give some examples below

for the intelligence of machines, today's robots can't complete complex thinking and reasoning. We need to teach them to think and infer better. For example, we should let the autonomous vehicle decide how to deal with the situation at the intersection by itself, or like humans, we can drive smoothly on a strange road even without a map

the manufacturing ability of robots is another challenge we face. In this regard, I very much hope that everyone can make their own robots in the future. Imagine that we can choose a desired robot in the 24-hour convenience store, and this robot can be customized by ourselves. Even if I'm not a robot expert, I can design this robot according to my own needs

these specially customized robots can help us accomplish many things, such as using micro robots to perform minimally invasive surgery on humans, placing drugs in the robot, allowing the robot to enter the human body, directly delivering drugs to wounds, and realizing accurate medical treatment. AI can also help doctors with medical diagnosis and adjuvant treatment. In the future, robots will be able to make more contributions to mankind. At the same time, we will also strive to make technology accessible to more people, so that people can truly benefit from AI and robot technology equally

in the future, we will have various types of robot data storage. In order to make these robots truly effective, we need to allow those non robot experts to simply use these robots

in terms of human-computer interaction, we can use natural language processing technology to make robots better communicate with humans and improve the effectiveness of interaction. In addition to natural language processing, we will also explore other methods, such as connecting robots with human muscles, so that robots can automatically understand users' intentions by detecting changes in human muscles. In short, humans and robots can cooperate very well

finally, we want to ask, how will robots develop in the future? One day in the future, can we directly control robots with our thoughts

is usually difficult. To receive a person's brain waves, we need to install more than 40 sensors on his head. These sensors evaluate brain wave activity at the same time. Each sensor will receive a lot of data, and brain waves are changing all the time

however, we have found a brain signal that can be well recognized by machine algorithms, and no matter what language you use and what ideas you have in actively participating in the construction of strategic infrastructure, strategic leading industries and strategic development platforms, this signal is shared by all, which opens a new door full of potential for us

we also proved the effectiveness of this method through experiments. We let humans wear brain wave sensors, and let robots randomly classify the two kinds of bottles. If the classification of the robot is wrong, the human brain will produce "wrong" information. In just a few hundred milliseconds, the brain wave sensor can detect this signal and transmit it to the robot, and the robot will correct the error immediately. Thus, we realize a possibility of using the brain to directly control the machine

in short, in the current era, we have many opportunities to let AI and robots undertake more tedious routine work of deepening mutually beneficial cooperation for human beings, so that human beings can save more time to make strategic decisions and thoughts

in order to truly realize this ideal, we must continue to study the principles behind human intelligence, and improve robots from the fields of science and engineering, so that the intelligence level of machines is closer and closer to the human brain. To this end, we need to have a computational way of thinking, but also use more advanced manufacturing means to produce robots

thank you for listening

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