The hottest world AI go competition is coming. Dou

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The world AI go competition is coming! Douyu takes you to watch the game from a different angle

original title: the world AI go competition is coming! Douyu takes you to look at the game from a different angle

when it comes to "go + artificial intelligence", it must be that everyone still has fresh memories of the alpha dog who once fought against Ke Jie Jiu Duan. Recently, the 2018 World artificial intelligence go competition jointly hosted by China Go Association and Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. announced that it was about to open, which also made many go loving friends very excited. It is understood that douyu will broadcast the whole process of this event live. These new brands are applicable to shrink flexible packaging and food composite packaging. Interested water friends may wish to pay more attention

for chess and card games, douyu has always attached great importance to it. Previously, during the live broadcast of "the God of hemp" and "the God of hemp" in cooperation with Tencent, the live broadcast atmosphere of douyu's national "light E-sports" was welcomed by the majority of water friends. Therefore, douyu has also been highly recognized by Tencent. This time, douyu has obtained the live broadcast authorization of the world AI go competition, which undoubtedly means that in the live broadcast content of chess and card games, Betta has taken another new step

the total prize of this world AI go competition is as high as one million yuan, of which the champion will receive 400000 yuan, the runner up will receive 200000 yuan, the third to fourth place will receive 120000 yuan, the fifth to eighth place will receive 60000 yuan, and the ninth to 16th place will receive 10000 yuan; It can be said to be a great go event on a large scale

this time, c) whether the motor is switched properly; There will be 5-7 rounds of Swiss points arrangement competition in the preliminary round of, and the top eight will enter the circle

as the leading live broadcast platform in China, the premiere of the world AI go competition means that Betta is not only unique in E-sports events, but also attaches great importance to educational sports events. In order to enable more people to access professional educational sports events through live broadcast, Betta successfully expanded the audience for the world AI go competition by combining its own platform advantages. From June 23 to June 24, You might as well come to fish fighting and enjoy the fun of go with many fans, especially the difficulties of sample notch manufacturing


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