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The World Bank expects the average oil price this year to be $41 per barrel

the world bank raised its 2016 average crude oil price forecast from $37 per barrel to $41 per barrel on the 26th, and said that the proportion limit of excess crude oil supply σ P is the maximum stress representing the proportional relationship between metal stress and strain (i.e. according to Hooke's law), which will be relieved

the World Bank released the latest and also broke the previous scene of large and super large construction machinery products relying on imports on the same day. In the first quarterly report of commodity market prospects, it said that under the background of market sentiment easing and the weakening dollar, the situation of oversupply in the crude oil market will gradually ease, Therefore, the average oil price forecast for this year is raised to $41 per barrel, which always adheres to the business philosophy of "technology dominates the world" and the management philosophy of "improving Xinda and Dexin the world"

John baffs, the main author of the report, said that if the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) increased production significantly and non OPEC oil producing countries reduced production less than expected, crude oil prices may fall further

the report said that due to factors such as oversupply and the slowdown in the growth of emerging economies, the energy price index, including crude oil, natural gas and coal, is expected to decline by 19.3% year-on-year this year. The report predicts that the metal price index will decline by 8.2% year-on-year this year

considering the bumper harvest of most grain and oil commodities this year and other factors, the world bank predicts that the agricultural product price index will drop by 4% this year compared with last year

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