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Post press laminating equipment and application skills

in the fierce market competition, in order to increase the added value of products and more effectively carry out packaging anti-counterfeiting, more and more packaging cartons adopt hot stamping technology. Hot stamping includes ordinary hot stamping, cold hot stamping, concave convex hot stamping and holographic hot stamping. The commonly used ordinary hot stamping processes include the construction of Zhanjiang base, the construction of 7.4-ton rubber extraction experimental line and rubber extraction technology, which have promoted the utilization of dandelion rubber in China. Flat hot stamping and circular hot stamping, because circular hot stamping is line contact, have the characteristics of extensive hot stamping substrate, low cost performance, suitable for large-area hot stamping, high hot stamping accuracy, It is widely used

hot stamping does not need to use heated metal plates, but uses printing adhesives to transfer metal foil. Cold stamping process is a promising new process with low cost, energy saving and high production efficiency. Concave convex hot stamping (also known as three-dimensional hot stamping) is the use of modern engraving technology to make up and down with the female mold and male mold, hot stamping and embossing process is completed at one time, improving production efficiency. The mold made by electric engraving can be curved surface transition, achieving the three-dimensional relief effect that is difficult to achieve by the mold made by general corrosion method. The emergence of concave convex hot stamping makes the hot stamping and concave convex pressing process complete at the same time when heated to 60 ℃ ~70 ℃, reducing the process and waste products caused by inaccurate overprinting

holographic identification uses computer technology to change the amplitude and frequency of the grating, so that its effect is brighter and clearer than the color of the calculated pattern. If this holographic mark is used as the copy of the original, a large number of holograms will be lost, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. Holographic identification can not only have very good anti-counterfeiting performance, but also pour special numbers or words into holographic identification according to customers' needs. It is more and more widely used in high-end carton packaging

3. Dry part. The adhesive coating applied on the surface of plastic film contains a large amount of solvent and has certain fluidity. It must be dried before compounding. The drying part is mostly tunnel type, and the length of drying channel is 1.5 ~ 5.5m2 according to different models. According to the solvent volatilization mechanism, the drying channel is designed into three areas:

(1) evaporation area. In this area, turbulent wind should be formed on the surface of the film as far as possible to facilitate solvent volatilization

(2) maturation area. The automatic temperature control area is set according to the properties of film and adhesive, which is generally controlled at 50 ~ 80 ℃. The heating methods include infrared heating, electric heating tube direct radiation heating, etc. the automatic balance temperature control is realized by the thermal sensor installed in the curing area

(3) solvent exclusion zone. In order to eliminate the solvent volatilized during the drying of adhesive in time and reduce the steam in the dry explosion duct, the test report should include the following main contents: pressure, the area is designed with exhaust and air extraction devices, generally fans or induced draft fans, etc

4. Composite part. It is mainly composed of chrome plated hot press roll, rubber pressure roll and pressure adjustment machinery

(1) hot press roll. The hot pressing roller is a hollow roller with an electric heating device inside. The roller temperature is controlled by sensors and instruments on the console. The surface state and thermal power density of hot pressed meal have a great impact on the quality of coated products. Generally, the hot pressing temperature of the covering process fortress is 60 ~ 80~c, and the area heat flow is 2.5 ~ 4.5w/cm2

(2) rubber pressure roller. Press the coated product to the hot pressing roller with a certain pressure to solidify and stick it firmly. The contact pressure during compounding is closely related to the bonding strength and appearance quality, which is generally 15..Ompa. The rubber pressure roll works under high temperature for a long time, and it also needs to keep the roll surface flat, smooth, small transverse deformation, and good tear resistance and peeling resistance. Therefore, silicone rubber with good tear resistance is often used

(3) pressure adjustment mechanism. It is used to adjust the pressure of hot press roll and rubber pressure roll. The pressure adjustment mechanism can adopt simple eccentric mechanism, eccentric cam mechanism, screw rod, nut mechanism, etc; However, in order to simplify mechanical transmission parts and improve pressure control accuracy, hydraulic (pneumatic) pressure adjustment mechanisms are mostly used at present. 5. Print input part. There are two ways to transport printed matter: manual and automatic input. The full-automatic input mode is divided into two types: pneumatic and friction. Pneumatic type is to install a row of suction nozzles at the front or rear of the printed matter, and rely on the "suction", "release" and movement of the suction nozzles to separate and deliver the printed matter

friction input mainly relies on the reciprocating movement or fixed rotation of the friction head to generate friction with the printed matter, which separates the printed matter from the paper storage table and transports it forward; The friction wheel rotates intermittently in one direction, separating a printed matter every time it rotates

6. Winding part. Most laminating machines adopt automatic winding mechanism, and the winding shaft can automatically roll the composite products. In order to ensure that the winding tightness is consistent, the speed of the winding shaft and the composite line must be synchronized, and the tension must be kept constant during winding. With the increase of the winding diameter, its linear speed must continue to be synchronized with the compound linear speed. Generally, machines use friction damping to change the angular speed of the winding shaft to meet the above requirements. In order to improve work efficiency, some laminating machines are also equipped with quick unwinding and finished product slitting devices in the winding part

precoating and laminating equipment

precoating and laminating machine is a special equipment that combines printed matter with precoated plastic. Compared with the instant coating laminating machine, its biggest feature is that there is no glue coating and drying part, so this kind of laminating machine has compact structure, small volume, low cost, simple operation and good product quality stability. The precoating laminating machine is composed of four main parts: uncoiling of precoated plastic film, automatic input of printed matter, hot pressing zone compounding, and automatic winding, as well as auxiliary devices such as mechanical transmission, leveling of precoated plastic film, vertical and horizontal slitting, and computer control system

1. print input part. The automatic conveying mechanism can ensure that the printed matter does not overlap during transmission and enters the composite part equidistant. Generally, pneumatic or friction methods are used to realize control, and the conveying is accurate and accurate. When the printed matter with small composite format is used, the above requirements can also be met

2. Composite part. It includes composite roller group and calendering roller group. The composite roller group is composed of heating pressure roller and silica gel pressure roller; The thermal pressure roll is a hollow roll with a heating device inside, and its surface is forged with hard chromium, polished and finely ground; The temperature of the hot press roll is tracked and sampled by the sensor and corrected by the computer at any time; The compound pressure is adjusted by eccentric cam mechanism, and the pressure can be adjusted steplessly. The calendering roller group is basically the same as the compound roller group, that is, it is composed of chrome plated pressure roller and silica gel pressure roller, but there is no heating device. The main function of the calendering roller group is: after the precoated plastic film is combined with the printed matter by the composite roller group, the surface brightness is not high, and then after the secondary extrusion of the calendering roller group, the surface brightness and bonding strength are greatly improved

3. transmission system. The transmission system is driven by a computer-controlled high-power stepping motor. After the first gear is decelerated, it drives the movement of the paper feeding mechanism and the rotation of the composite part and the silicone pressure roller of the calendering mechanism through the three-stage chain drive. The pressure roller group maintains the appropriate working pressure under the pressure of stepless adjustment

4. computer control system. The computer control system adopts microprocessor, and the hardware configuration is composed of host board, digital key board, optical isolation board, power supply board, stepping motor power drive board, etc

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