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World Bank: China will become the largest investor in 2030

the World Bank predicted in the global development horizon report released on May 16 that the proportion of developing countries in global investment will triple by 2030, while China and India will become the largest investors in developing countries, and the total investment of the two countries will account for 38% of the total global investment by 2030

The report shows that China will account for 30% of the total global investment in 2030, while the United States will account for 11%, while Brazil, India and Russia together account for 13%. In terms of amount, the investment of developing countries will reach US $15trillion, while that of high-income countries will reach US $10trillion. China and India will account for nearly half of the total global manufacturing investment

the report points out that by 2030, 60 cents of every US dollar invested in the world will flow to developing countries. This will be a huge change compared with 2000; In 2000, only 20 cents per dollar went to relatively simple test projects in developing countries. With more funds flowing among developing countries, that is, what people call south south flows, China's RMB value and its monetary policy will be of great significance to the world After the experiment or the next round of experiment, other countries will have greater influence, and the influence of monetary policies of the United States and eurozone countries will be reduced

the report predicts that as the world's population increases from 7billion in 2010 to 85 billion in 2030, "drinking clean water and proper wastewater treatment, as well as the rapid aging of developed countries, population changes will have a profound impact on these structural changes.

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