The hottest world BOPP film market and trend

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The world BOPP film market and trends

according to the latest special research report of the famous AMI consulting company "the latest trend of the global BOPP film market", the world BOPP film market exceeded 3million tons for the first time in 2001. In recent 25 years, BOPP film has started from 12. Limit protection: it has two levels of program control and mechanical protection; Instead of cellophane, it has rapidly become a very important flexible packaging material. It is replacing cellophane in the packaging of fast food, snacks and tobacco, and continues to enter new application fields, such as noodles, baked goods, bouquet packaging and labels

in most of the 1990s, the average annual growth rate of industrial BOPP film consumption reached 10%, and its production capacity also continued to grow, resulting in excess production capacity in a region. Despite strong industrial demand, manufacturers' profits fell as they tried to maintain market share and try to enter new application fields. This situation is particularly prominent in Asia and Latin America, where pet (polyester) film has excess capacity. PET film maintains a low price and competes with BOPP film for the market

some leading manufacturers try to adjust the structure and rationalize the scale of the plant. Due to the intensification of competition among companies in the world, manufacturers want to expand their scale to ensure their advantages or withdraw from this business, which provides opportunities for new entrants to enter the market by purchasing enterprises, such as Dow Chemical Company purchasing moplefan company. In the past 10 years, some important BOPP film manufacturers have indeed undergone some changes. For example, Exxon Mobil has many e-chemical films (pre Mobi supporting test: drop hammer impact test Le plastic) that need strict attention. For a long time, Exxon Mobil has been the world's largest BOPP film manufacturer, but its market share has decreased from 12.5% in 1990 to 7.7% in 2001. However, the Italian vifan group was not large 10 years ago, and now it has passed through in Italy The United States and Canada have built new plants and become the world's second largest BOPP film manufacturer. There are more than 200 BOPP film production plants in the world until 2025 and 2050, and the number of manufacturers has not changed significantly in the past three years

The largest increase in BOPP film production capacity is in Asia (especially China), where a number of small devices have been rapidly added, and the application fields are household appliances, capacitor films, tape bases, labels and packaging. Chinese manufacturers are scattered, but there are oneortwo large manufacturers, such as Foshan Plastics Group, which has three manufacturers. The potential market in China is very large, so manufacturers mainly supply local or surrounding markets. With the increase of manufacturers, they are also looking for export opportunities. At present, the export volume of BOPP membrane in China is very small, and a considerable amount of BOPP membrane is actually imported every year. It is expected that China will still be the most active market for BOPP film in the future, and its output and consumption will rank first in the world market. The average annual growth of demand before 2010 was more than 9%

according to AMI, the annual consumption in China will reach 1million tons in 2010, while the global market will be close to 5.7 million tons. In addition, the regions and countries with strong market growth are India, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, which have a small consumption base, while the United States, Western Europe and Japan, which have large and relatively mature markets, have an annual average demand growth rate of 4%-6%, indicating that the application of BOPP in these regions has reached a very high level

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