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World Economic Forum Schwab: China may surpass Europe in 10 years. World economic forum Schwab: China may surpass Europe in 10 years. Introduction: on January 21 and 25, the 34th World Economic Forum was held in Davos, a snow skiing resort in northeastern Switzerland. 2100 delegates from all over the world attended the meeting. These people include political figures such as UN Secretary General Annan and US Vice President Cheney, as well as the chairman of Microsoft

From January 21 to 25, the 34th World Economic Forum was held in Davos, a ski resort in northeastern Switzerland. 2100 delegates from all over the world attended the meeting. These people include political figures such as UN Secretary General Annan and US Vice President Cheney, as well as global famous entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft. They jointly made suggestions on the theme of this forum, "building a partnership for security and prosperity"

the world economic forum, formerly known as the European Management Forum, was founded by Mr. Schwab in Davos in 1971. Due to the expanding influence of the forum in the world, it was changed to membership in 1976 and officially renamed as the world economic forum in 1987. Although it is a non-governmental organization, the forum has more than 1000 internationally renowned companies as members. Today, the forum has become the most important unofficial gathering place for global dignitaries, business circles and academics to discuss the world economy. 3. When calibrating the material testing machine, the measurement of the forward and backward error should be without a driven pointer. People figuratively compare it to the "Economic United Nations". On the eve of the opening of the forum, Mr. Schwab received an exclusive interview with this newspaper at the headquarters of the world economic forum on the shores of Lake Geneva. In fact, because their offices are only separated by lake Lemmon, they often meet with Mr. Schwab and have talked with him many times, which can be regarded as old friends for many years. So, what kind of person is the father of the world economic forum, who enjoys such high international prestige? How did he think of setting up this forum

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in my impression, Mr. Schwab neither has the nobility and arrogance of dignitaries, nor likes to show off like some rich tycoons. Everything is very casual, and he is no different from ordinary people. The only attraction is his bare forehead and his tall body that will straighten up even if he sits all day. Schwab once told him that he didn't like dressing up, let alone famous brand clothes. His favorite is a double breasted black suit, which can be seen in all kinds of public occasions. However, he has a wide range of hobbies and social public welfare activities. In order to support the innovation and development of science and technology in the world, he and his wife Hilde jointly founded a fund. In his spare time, he would take his wife and children to ski resorts in the Alps for a few days. In addition, Mr. Schwab said that he also liked collecting antiques, especially ancient Chinese ceramics and old versions of the Bible

Mr. Schwab was born in lafensburg, Germany on March 30, 1938. In his early years, he studied at the Institute of higher technical engineering in Zurich, Switzerland, and the University of Fribourg, studying mechanics and economics respectively. Later, he went to John F. Kennedy College of Harvard University in the United States for further study, where he received a doctor of mechanical engineering, a doctor of economics, and a master of public administration. His rich learning experience has cultivated his good skills - he often skillfully alternates the four main working languages of Germany, France, Britain and Italy to answer questions in different languages is one example

In an interview with an enterprising scholar, Mr. Schwab told that in the early 1970s, master's and even doctor's courses in enterprise management had been widely offered in comprehensive universities in the United States, but such courses were still rare in Universities in most European countries. Schwab said that during his study in the United States, he had seen the development trend of economic globalization and the important role multinational companies will play in the future world economic aggregate. At that time, American companies were already beginning to dominate the European market because they were good at business management, so Schwab invited 400 famous people from European business circles to launch the European Management Forum in Switzerland in 1971, with the main purpose of reshaping the image of European multinational enterprises with new management models

In 1972, Schwab was invited to be a professor at the University of Geneva. Before that, he spent three years participating in the establishment of an industrial association. In addition, he has worked as a senior manager in a large multinational company in Switzerland for three years. In Professor Schwab's own words, he "learned first-hand management experience from the grass-roots level of enterprises from different positions, which laid a theoretical foundation for the establishment of economic forums in the future". Western research institutions say that from Mr. Schwab, they can see the spirit of being good at grasping the pulse of the times, actively organizing everyone to make suggestions, being brave in innovation and constantly making progress. Therefore, Mr. Schwab is called "a scholar with entrepreneurial spirit" by these think tanks. Since the establishment of the forum, the annual meeting has never been interrupted

In 1981, Mr. Schwab brought more than 100 European entrepreneurs to China for the first time and jointly held the annual China Enterprise Summit with Chinese entrepreneurs. Since then, he has visited China many times. Mr. Schwab said that he was most impressed by his visit to China in October 1997, because this visit completely changed his impression of China. He witnessed the great changes brought about by China's reform and opening up in Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai and other places. The biggest difference from his original imagination is that Chinese people have undergone real changes in food and housing. He saw that due to the development of township enterprises in rural Guangdong, farmers no longer work solely in agriculture, their personal disposable income increased, and their quality of life improved significantly. He said that the actual living standard of Guangdong farmers in 1997 was not much different from that of European farmers. If there is a gap, it is only that the per capita ownership rate of private cars cannot be compared with Europe

Mr. Schwab told that he was deeply impressed by his many trips to China. Not long ago, in an interview, he made the following evaluation on China's economic development: China should be regarded as a world power no matter in terms of economic aggregate, technical conditions or demographic factors. China has changed from a passive world, where a/d is quickly converted into digital signals and sent to computers for data processing. Economic participants have become active participants. Passive participation means only absorbing investment and developing the economy, but China will participate in the world economy more actively in the future. Continuous reform has further accelerated the process of China's integration into the global economic system. He believed that China's economy will continue to maintain high-speed growth under the condition of slowing economic growth in most parts of the world. In the next 10 years, China will become the main driver of world economic growth, facing severe energy and environmental challenges, and its economic strength is likely to surpass that of Europe

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