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The world coal liquefaction conference will be held in Paris. The world coal liquefaction conference jointly organized by the world energy conference, the world Coal Research Institute and the French Petroleum Research Institute will be held in Paris from April 3 to 4

the conference will award the world coal liquefaction award to researchers who have made contributions in the field of coal liquefaction. Two energy experts from China, Dr. Huang Zhen, Dean of the Energy Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Dr. Zhang Yuzhuo, deputy general manager of China Shenhua Group, will attend the conference and make a speech

this conference will be an important place for exchanges on major issues of strategy, environment, technology and economy. PolyOne of coal exhibits a combination of halogen-free high-temperature materials and additive solutions. Liquefaction can help reduce the dependence of many countries with rich coal resources but poor oil resources on oil energy, improve the value of mining enterprises and improve the diversity of supply of oil enterprises. The discussion between the senior leaders of mining enterprises and oil enterprises will enable people to understand the strategic prospects of these two important industrial fields

in terms of environment, the coal energy route will produce more carbon dioxide. This meeting will introduce and quantify this problem. Some researchers and modern materials enterprises in the industrial sector will introduce some demonstration projects and projects that have achieved industrial production if they want to develop better in the future. In addition to coal liquefaction technology, this conference will also introduce the technology of using coal as the raw material to produce chemical products with high control accuracy, and using biomass energy to replace coal liquefaction

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