Beware of green traps when choosing environmentall

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Whether it is up to standard coating, environmental protection coating or green coating, it must first meet the national limit standard for harmful substances. It should be said that the coating that meets the standard is safe. Although VOC in paint is harmful to human body, it has a problem of quantity. As long as VOC is within the limit, it is not enough to cause too much harm to human body. Consumers do not need to talk about toxic discoloration at all

like other products, the paint market is also mixed. Remind consumers not to be greedy for bargains when buying coatings, and they must choose products of well-known brands, so as to ensure the safety of their own and their families. Don't superstitious about the word "green" on the coating packaging, and carefully read the quality inspection report of the product; Observe whether there is rust and leakage at the joint of the iron bucket; Pay attention to whether the explicit signs on the drum are complete

for imported coatings, it is best to choose products with Chinese marks and instructions. Non environmental friendly coatings, because VOC, formaldehyde and other harmful substances exceed the standard, most of them have pungent odor, which makes people sick and dizzy. Therefore, consumers need to choose carefully if they smell pungent odor when buying. In addition, it is best not to buy coatings with essence, because additives themselves are a chemical product, which is difficult to protect the environment

save the purchase invoice. If possible, ask the seller to open the paint bucket and test it by yourself. If there is serious stratification, the quality is poor; Stir gently with a stick. After lifting, the paint stays on the stick for a long time and covers evenly, indicating good quality; Dip a little with your hand, and when it is dry, it is better to wash it off with clean water; Twist gently with your hand. The more delicate, the better




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