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Compared with the decoration of rough houses, the decoration of second-hand houses also involves the demolition and transformation of the original decoration

compared with the decoration of blank houses, the decoration of second-hand houses also involves the demolition and transformation of the original decoration. Insiders believe that the decoration of second-hand houses is different from that of new houses, which is prone to waste, pollution and even disputes

concealed works should focus on monitoring

second hand house decoration. Special attention should be paid to that during the decoration of second-hand houses, it is not allowed to blindly destroy the wall for the sake of beauty, especially the load-bearing wall, because the space design of the old house type has certain limitations, which will bring great potential safety hazards to the house and should be avoided

waterproofing is also a problem that should be paid attention to in the decoration of second-hand houses. After years of use, the original decoration of the old house will be old, and there may be water leakage. The home decoration company should do a water avoidance test before decoration to verify whether it is intact. At the same time, in the transformation of old houses, it is sometimes necessary to replace aging and outdated ceramic tiles. In the process of removal, there is a great vibration, which may also cause waterproof cracks. Therefore, if the second-hand house is decorated with ceramic tiles removed, it should be re tested to avoid water later to ensure that there is no problem with waterproof

smart decoration reduces waste

if the decoration of second-hand houses is smashed first and then redecorated, it is easy to cause great damage and waste. For example, some second-hand houses have only been decorated for twoorthree years, and the tile styles and specifications used in the bathroom and kitchen are good. In this way, there is no need to replace them again. Replacing the parts that are easy to age, such as the ceiling, can also achieve the purpose of making the house look new. When the doors and windows are in good condition, but there are small problems such as fading, you can choose to repaint its surface and continue to use it

in addition, the original furniture ornaments can also be transformed by adding decoration, which does not have to be discarded. For example, under the guidance of the designer of the home decoration company, matching the table with a glass surface, or adding Boeing pieces and fireproof boards with various colors and patterns can play a very good decorative effect. In addition, adding covers of different colors and styles to sofas can also play a role in giving the room a new look

the amount of second-hand housing decoration increases

as more and more people choose second-hand housing, the decoration of second-hand housing has also attracted more and more attention. The head of a home decoration company said that the decoration of second-hand houses has increased significantly, and the decoration of second-hand houses is becoming a new business growth point for home decoration companies

it is reported that many home decoration companies regard the demolition and renovation of old houses as their business focus, and the demolition and renovation project list in the quotation is very detailed. Some designers told reporters that many customers consult the demolition, renovation and decoration projects of second-hand houses, many of which are the decoration and construction of complete houses. However, some citizens hope to only carry out partial decoration, so as to save money





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