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As people have higher and higher requirements for the living environment, healthy and environmentally friendly home life has become today's home trend. Laoka wardrobe is customized without formaldehyde in the whole room, creating a healthy and environment-friendly home living environment for you

with the increasingly serious environmental pollution, who can guarantee our health? A healthy and environment-friendly living environment is the inevitable choice for urban people today

Roco LACA's original Italian design pursues the design concept of "science and technology, environmental protection, human nature and fashion", adheres to the enterprise purpose of "innovation and entrepreneurship, talent oriented", adheres to the service concept of "full process professional and worry free", and wins the attention of the world. It is an integrated wardrobe fashion furniture customization enterprise integrating research and development, design, production and sales. Lawka (China) has a modern garden style standard production base of more than 100000 square meters and a marketing center of 1688 square meters. At the same time, it has advanced German Haomai precision production equipment, a designer team with super design ability and new product research and development ability, and professional technicians who have been engaged in the processing and production of integral wardrobe, sliding door and panel furniture for many years, ensuring the sustainable competitiveness of lawka customized home accessories; The advertising appeal of "fashion first brand" is positioned to meet the needs of different consumers at home and abroad

as a model of Italian lifestyle, the customized homestead of lacca's overall wardrobe has inadvertently become the necessity of looking for modern people with environmental protection, healthy taste and fashion. With brand-new design concept, international design style and high-quality raw materials, lawka products bring forth the new through the old, and perfectly combine practical functionalism with simple and fashionable style, so that lawka (China) products are deeply loved by consumers in domestic and foreign markets

lacca has a complete product series and avant-garde design, which has attracted much attention. Lawka (China) has seven series of products, including sliding door series, cloakroom series, bedroom series, living room series, study series, project supporting series and DIY series. It aims to meet the needs of tasteful and fashionable people. The seven series of products let you experience the coordination and unity of home furnishing brought by lawka's overall wardrobe customization everywhere, and the fashion trend is not less practical

labor card integrated wardrobe has won many honorary certificates from the state and relevant departments since its establishment. Now it is the defender of China's environmental protection enterprises, "group member unit of China Quality Inspection Association", "member of Building Decoration Association", AAA enterprise with the title of "quality, service and reputation" of Guangdong market research, top ten brands of China's integrated wardrobe, executive vice president of the wardrobe special committee of the furniture decoration chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce Top 30 enterprises in China's wardrobe industry

with the business philosophy of "creating value, adhering to win-win results and returning customers", the network of franchisees across the country has expanded rapidly. At present, there are more than 400 franchisees in the country in the process of creating wealth, and a huge sales network has been formed. In the next three years, we will have more than 1000 franchisees. Roco, a pioneer and advocate of the trend of the times, is an eternal pursuer who constantly challenges new heights. Whether it is to enhance the overall feelings of consumers or promote the progress of the overall wardrobe industry, labor card is a leading brand in the overall wardrobe industry

choose Laoka, choose formaldehyde free customized home, and have a healthy and environmental friendly home living environment





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