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Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive supplier of interior decoration materials integrating production and sales. The company's brand 'craftsman of refined materials' is a medium and high-end environmental protection plate brand focusing on the original ecological concept. Its products include ecological board, formaldehyde purification antibacterial board, children's room ecological board, blockboard, decorative panel, plywood, gypsum board and other major categories of decorative materials. Through shaping the brand of "fine wood craftsman", the company makes the concept of "fine wood, craftsman and ecologist" enter thousands of households with excellent products

China's top ten brands of fine wood, craftsman and healthy board appeared in Baotou City, which is known as "grassland steel city" and "rare earth city". Baotou is a city under the jurisdiction of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, an important basic industrial base in China and the global light rare earth industry center. Baotou, a fine craftsman, is located at No. 3, building 8, greenhouse, Hongxing Jiamei building materials City, Donghe District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia

with the passage of time, the craftsman of refined materials has been growing. From the initial rookie of plate to today's top ten brands of Chinese plate, he is moving forward towards his dream step by step. The craftsman of fine materials creates lasting quality that transcends time. The craftsman of fine materials strictly abides by the quality barrier and is a conscientious brand. It has established a good image in the eyes of consumers and is one of the brands that consumers believe and recognize

2017 China's top ten plate brands - fine craftsman, a few celebrities, but also look at the present

master craftsman, Baotou, Inner Mongolia general distributor

address: No.3, building 8, greenhouse, Hongxing Jiamei building materials City, Donghe District, Baotou, Inner Mongolia

master craftsman of top ten Chinese plate brands website: www.jcyjbc Com

National Service Hotline: 400-021-8580

public wechat: craftsman's wechat service number: craftsman's board

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