Eight precautions for fingerprint lock maintenance

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As people are disgusted with opening and locking doors, smart keys such as fingerprint locks and electronic locks appear in people's lives. Since people use these smart electronic locks, they have brought convenience to people's lives. They don't need to take keys when going out and don't have to worry about the loss of keys, which is favored by consumers. After the fingerprint lock is put into daily use, there will always be problems of one kind or another, mainly because people don't pay attention to the maintenance of the fingerprint lock in life, and some problems need to be paid attention to in the maintenance process of the fingerprint lock. Let's see below

eight precautions should be paid attention to in the maintenance of fingerprint lock

1. The use of fingerprint lock cannot be separated from the battery. If the fingerprint lock alarm reminds that the battery is insufficient, the battery should be replaced in time to avoid inconvenience to life

2. The fingerprint lock shells produced by most enterprises are made of stainless steel and other steel materials, so corrosive chemicals cannot be used to scrub them

3. Generally, the emergency mechanical key of fingerprint lock is placed outside the locked room. When it is used to unlock, it can be taken out in time

4. Generally, fingerprint lock can only be used to open the door, and the door opening button can only be pressed by hand. Do not press the door with hard objects

5. When using fingerprint lock, do not close and open the sliding cover of sensor and password keyboard with strong hand

6. Generally, alkaline aa5 batteries with large capacity will be selected for fingerprint lock batteries, such as famous brand batteries such as golden Bawang and Nanfu, which can ensure the service life of fingerprint lock batteries

7. Do not disassemble without permission. Fingerprint locks are basically built-in with sophisticated electronic components, which may damage internal accessories or cause other serious consequences when disassembled by non professionals. If you suspect that there is a problem with the fingerprint lock, it is best to consult a professional, or directly find someone to repair it

8. The fingerprint lock should be waterproof. This is common sense. There are many electronic devices in the fingerprint lock. If water enters, it will interfere with the electronic circuit, etc

I hope the above detailed introduction of the precautions for fingerprint lock maintenance by SiGe Lock Technology Co., Ltd. will be helpful to your use of fingerprint lock in the future





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