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The LED display industry is booming. How can enterprises expand their "voice"

in recent years, the LED display industry chain has developed rapidly, especially the new technology products represented by indoor small spacing, high-density and full-color have been rapidly popularized and applied, which has driven the LED display application industry to maintain a high growth trend in the case of slowing domestic macroeconomic growth

from the perspective of industrial structure, LED display screen has also gradually changed. Manufacturers, market channel distributors, engineering installation after-sales service operators and other specialized enterprises focusing on display screen production have emerged. Professional division of labor in the industry is taking shape, and a situation of clear division of labor, close cooperation and win-win development will emerge

under the situation of continuous technological innovation, price decline and huge potential market, the use of LED display screen will be more common. Not only in public life and commercial activities, but also with the development of smart home, smart display and other needs, the penetration of raw plastic additives into people should also have the following properties: all aspects of life. Driven by this, the LED display industry will gain more opportunities and maintain a positive momentum of vigorous development

however, while the industry is booming on the surface, many enterprises also feel a latent "cold current" breaking through the quality control of new materials, batch stable production, and low-cost process utilization are surging underneath. As we all know, the LED display industry started in a small way, and its growth mode is relatively "barbaric". The laboratory of the LED display industry will focus on the current national industrial structure adjustment, energy conservation and environmental protection, the pilot project of top 100 innovative enterprises and other major strategic needs, and the development speed is very fast. However, with the growth of the industrial market scale, the brand share is low, and the structural overcapacity The difficulty in after-sales service of industrial products has also become a prominent problem restricting its development. At the same time, the traditional idea of "emphasizing products and neglecting services" is also deeply rooted. Therefore, LED display companies in the industry have started the road of transformation. Then, according to the current development of the industry, how can D enterprise achieve further development due to the small oil pressure caused by Le

led display as a "professional" product, after-sales service has always been the most important link in the LED display market. Therefore, the LED display enterprise shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of all equipment within the warranty period in accordance with the provisions of the contract, and shall replace and repair any equipment or component damage caused by product design, installation process, materials, product quality and components; LED display enterprises should also ensure that, after the delivery and acceptance of goods, if similar goods have been upgraded, the display enterprises should actively and timely feed back information to users, provide free upgrade services for system software on the company's home page according to user requirements, and provide real-time troubleshooting on the company's home page. It is not difficult to see from the above points that led display brand enterprises should be more strict with themselves, guide the whole industry to standardize services, and play a pioneering and exemplary role to ensure the normal operation of the whole display system

in view of the serious problem of homogenization, enterprises can save R & D costs and improve R & D efficiency by jointly developing products and markets. For example, through brand cooperation, through jointly establishing and launching new brands, and with the help of both parties' markets and promotion channels, create more influential brands, so as to obtain market share and expand the "voice" of enterprises

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