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Led enterprises break through the "cold winter" smart lighting is the development direction

as the wind vane of lighting and LED industry, 2019 Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition ended today. What first finance felt during the exhibition was that the LED lighting industry, which has experienced a low tide, is accelerating its transformation to smart lighting in the era of IOT

intelligent lighting based on IOT

Philips Lighting Business, which was renamed as the first anniversary of xinnuofei (sign), is an example. Yaomengming, general manager of lighting design and Application Department of xinnuofei in China, told China business that the biggest change of xinnuofei in the past year was to accelerate the transformation to a lighting enterprise in the era of IOT from selling products to selling services

last year, xinnuofei launched a new brand interact based on IOT intelligent lighting platform service, which can not guarantee its measurement demand, and is tied with the original Philips Lighting brand. Yaomengming bluntly said that new brands sell services while old brands sell products. Over the past year, xinnuofei has laid out more than 20000 smart street lamps, which can combine smart lighting with intelligent transportation and intelligent security

for example, the smart lighting project on the Bund in Shanghai has connected the lights of about 100 buildings on the Bund, Lujiazui and Huangpu River to the Internet of things, realized the information management of lighting, innovated the service mode, and combined the lighting asset management with the urban landscape management. Yaomengming revealed that next, you can put other sensors into the lighting to monitor the temperature and humidity at any time, and you can do more

at present, the interact IOT intelligent lighting platform has built seven subsystems. Yaomengming said that these seven subsystems cover the fields of office, industry, medical treatment, retail, city, landmarks and stadiums. For example, the Shanghai Bund intelligent lighting project uses the landmark subsystem. Xinnuofei hopes to realize the interconnection of lighting and connect more products, data and services

in the future, in addition to uploading the data information of each lamp to the IOT platform, xinnuofei is also actively developing the optical wireless communication (lifi) business. Yaomengming told China business that lifi is not a substitute for WiFi, but a supplement. Lift can play a role in special occasions such as underwater, medical treatment, financial institutions that need high security, when WiFi signal is weak or signal interference is avoided

lifi's first generation technology can achieve a transmission speed of 30 megabits per second, and the second generation technology can achieve 120 megabits per second. Yaomengming said that in terms of speed, reliability and security, optical wireless communication has great commercial value potential. However, he said frankly that the cost of new technology application is relatively high, which also involves ecosystem construction, and needs to open up and cooperate with networks, chips, lamps and other enterprises

breakthrough of the LED industry in the cold winter

with the popularization of LED lighting to a certain extent, the growth rate of the entire LED lighting industry has slowed down significantly, and the prices of the entire industrial chain from LED chips, packaging, light sources to lamps have become more active and sensitive to temperature due to intensified competition, and now the prices have declined. Therefore, the overall performance growth of Listed Companies in the LED lighting industry is weak, and the industry has a bottleneck period. How to break through in the cold winter has become the theme of the 2019 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Guan Yong, general manager of sunshine lighting, said in his speech at the concurrent forum of the 2019 Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition that the plight of the lighting industry, in terms of products, under the influence of trade barriers, serious homogenization and other factors, the leading export value has all declined; In terms of production and operation, the average inventory turnover days are about 70 days, which are converted to inventory before digestion; At the retail end, there are many problems, such as less passenger flow in stores, less orders in customers, and less re purchase in orders

product intelligence has to be done. The development of science and technology will help product intelligence. Guan Yong, for example, said that smart lighting is integrated with new retail, meeting the changes in consumer demand. The new retail should not only solve the commodity attributes, but also increase the content attributes, reflecting the digital transformation of the sales end. It is hoped that the quality experience of intelligent lighting and light will be just needed, but the problems of complexity and high cost must be solved first

how can light find more value space besides lighting? According to yaomengming, light will become the carrier of system services in the future. First, it will provide services for special industries such as plant lighting; Second, human factors lighting can help human health through different spectra, especially in offices, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and other places; The third is the interconnection of lighting, providing value-added services through optical communication and data transmission. For example, the lights of stadiums and gymnasiums can be dynamically controlled and maintained

in the future, how much money will be spent and how much money will be paid will generate a new business model. Ericospini, director of market and utilization development of lantiqi group's engineering plastics business, pointed out in the report on the utilization of special nylon in the automotive, electronic/electrical industries made at chinaplas2014 Exhibition. Yaomengming believes that artificial intelligence technology and intelligent lighting will change people's work and life. From this perspective, many manufacturers have fought a price war. There is no winter in the LED lighting industry, and there is still much room for imagination. At present, the proportion of LED lighting in xinnuofei lighting business has reached 70%, and this proportion will be further increased in the future

during this lighting exhibition, LED chip, packaging and lighting enterprises such as Hongli Zhihui, Guoxing optoelectronics, zhaochi, Sanxiong Aurora, Huacan optoelectronics and Ruifeng optoelectronics also showed their products and strategies such as smart lighting, health lighting and mini LED display, all exploring the way of value-added beyond ordinary LED lighting

5g era smart streetlights become new outlets

it is noteworthy that in the 5g communication era, lighting can play a role beyond the past, and smart lamp posts become new outlets

Wang Cheng, director of AUP road lighting, introduced at the forum during the 2019 Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition that AUP is not only laying out the smart lighting platform, but also has 5g smart light poles

it is understood that using smart street lights to deploy 5g base stations has special advantages: street lights are evenly distributed with a spacing of less than 100 meters, which can help small base stations form dense coverage; The combination of small base station and street lamp can share the charging device; Along expressways and railways, the use of smart street lamps is conducive to blind spot coverage; Through the sensor device on the smart street lamp, it is convenient to monitor the operation status, temperature and other conditions of the small base station, and give an early warning in case of any abnormality

during this lighting exhibition, Zhouming technology also demonstrated smart street lamp products, reserved 5g baseband, and combined charger, monitoring, one click call for help function, multimedia screen and other functions

yaomengming, general manager of lighting design and Application Department of xinnuofei in China, said that 5g is still in the trial commercial stage, and xinnuofei will cooperate with China Mobile, China Unicom, Huawei, etc. in the 5g field; In the field of smart family, it cooperates with Alibaba,, Xiaomi, etc. We will not give up traditional lighting, and will accelerate the development of intelligent lighting products and services

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