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Leasing Xingui lianchengfa led die-casting aluminum box has fully entered the market

[electromechanical news] Nowadays, with the hot development of the performance market, the use of LED stage rental display screen should also be hot. In recent years, when the bending plate on the pull plate of the dynamometer touches the limit switch, Led stage rental shows that in many cases, the failure of the experimental machine to operate is caused by the damage of a local part. From the original sheet metal box to today's die-casting aluminum box, the weight is becoming lighter and lighter, the appearance is becoming more and more beautiful, the structure is becoming more and more reasonable, and the accuracy is also higher. Basically, seamless splicing can be realized. Shenzhen lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd. closely follows the market demand of LED rental performance, and comprehensively introduces led die-casting aluminum box (480mm × 480mm), which is not only a simple upgrade of the traditional die-casting aluminum box, but also a comprehensive optimization and update of the structure and performance. This led rental display is a compact rental display made of patented die-casting aluminum box. The box has high splicing precision and is very convenient for disassembly, assembly and maintenance

this led display (480 mm × 480mm) as a customized die-casting aluminum box design, light, thin and fast installation are its most important features. The light and thin box can be quickly installed, removed and transported, which is suitable for large-area leasing and fixed installation applications. It is processed by a synchronous control system, which can accept various video input signals such as DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-Video, composite, YUV, etc., and can play video, graphic and other programs at will to play various information in a real-time, synchronous and clear information transmission mode. Vivid color and strong adaptability

lianchengfa LED die cast aluminum rental box series features:

1. Ultra light - the weight is only 8kg. A single person can carry it by hand, which is extremely easy to install

2. Ultra thin - the box body is made of die-casting aluminum, which has high strength, toughness, high precision and is not easy to deform, saving labor for transportation

3. High precision - the dimension is electromechanical machining accurate to 0.1mm

4. Compatible - brand new structural design, meeting the requirements of hoisting and stacking, and meeting the indoor and outdoor requirements

5. Fast - the upper, lower, left and right connections of the box adopt a fast locking mechanism, which can complete the installation of a box in 10 seconds, with high installation accuracy

6, reliable - high strength and hardness, good heat dissipation effect

7. Cost - the box is light in weight and requires low installation cost; The power consumption of the box is low, which saves the operation cost and reduces the labor cost

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(source: electromechanical correspondent: tangzhaofa: liyongxiu

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