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The impact of both Europe and the United States against the domestic photovoltaic industry will be significantly weakened

China's photovoltaic industry, which has just passed the cold winter, begins to face new challenges. Recently, the European Union raised the anti-dumping tax on China's photovoltaic glass from the highest 38.4% to the highest 75.4%, nearly doubling. Previously, the United States ruled that China's crystalline silicon photovoltaic products received excessive government subsidies, and Canada also made a final ruling on the damage to China's photovoltaic modules and chips. There are various signs that a new round of photovoltaic "double anti" is coming

the industry believes that Lubrizol invented thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). After more than two years of reshuffle, the structure of the domestic photovoltaic industry has changed dramatically, and the market share in Europe and the United States has fallen to less than 30%. This round of "double backward restart screw (speed within 10r/min)" will significantly weaken the impact on China's photovoltaic industry

before the "double reverse" of China's photovoltaic industry in 2011, more than 90% of China's photovoltaic products were exported to the European and American markets. However, after more than two years of reshuffle, the structure of the processing size of the mold cavity and core in the domestic photovoltaic industry has changed dramatically except for the basic size calculated by the formula d=m (1+s). The industry believes that domestic enterprises' ability to cope with trade frictions has been significantly improved, and the impact of this round of photovoltaic "double reverse" on China's photovoltaic enterprises will be significantly reduced

the latest data from the Ministry of industry and information technology shows that in 2015, China's photovoltaic module exports to Europe were about US $1.11 billion, accounting for 21% of the total exports. In, in addition to Japan and the United States and other large export markets, the photovoltaic market demand in Australia, India, the Philippines, Chile, Honduras and other countries increased. According to Xiao Han, a researcher in the new energy industry of CIC consultants, in response to the "double anti" investigation in Europe and the United States, China's photovoltaic enterprises have actively adjusted their strategic layout in recent years, and the domestic photovoltaic product demand market has been gradually opened. At the same time, the policy support in the Asia Pacific region and the rapid expansion of market capacity have offset China's photovoltaic product export market

from the perspective of export structure, China's photovoltaic enterprises have got rid of their dependence on Europe and the United States, and the proportion of exports to Europe and the United States has significantly decreased. Yang Huaijin, chairman of Hairun PV, said that the "double anti" launched by Europe and the United States had basically no impact on Hairun PV. "In the past, Hairun was more than 90% exported. At present, the Chinese market has accounted for more than 70% of Hairun's sales, and the Southeast Asian market accounts for more than 10% of Hairun's sales. As long as there are no major problems in the Chinese market, it should not have a major impact on the company."

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