The impact of the hottest real estate industry on

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The impact of the real estate industry on the coating industry

the impact of the real estate industry on the coating industry

December 9, 2015

the organizer is expected to reach 500 people [China coating information] according to a recent survey by Reuters, which adopts liquid nitrogen refrigeration technology, the average price of China's housing market is expected to rise by 2% in 2016, which continues to be driven by the loose policy environment and hot cities, However, the high inventory and overdraft demand mean that the annual increase is limited. The growth rate of real estate investment is likely to continue to decline next year, and it may take more than two years to alleviate the high inventory. Ren Zeping, chief Macro Analyst of Guotai Junan (23.24, 0.39, 1.71%), believes that the first tier cities have sales but no land, which is reflected in the rise in prices and the reappearance of "land kings"; There is no sales volume in the third and fourth tier cities, but the land inventory is high and the price is low. Last year, I made a prediction on China's real estate, which is called "total slowdown, structural differentiation". In the next ten years, the number of first tier cities will double, the number of third and fourth tier cities will not rise, and real estate investment will have zero growth. Perhaps the basic market of real estate is like this. Under this situation, the "production capacity" accumulated by coating enterprises for many years will face a difficult journey to reduce production capacity

coating enterprises generally feel pressure. The shrinking market, the advent of the era of low profit and overcapacity all make the insiders generally feel that the time of "reshuffle" in the coating industry has come. Although big brands have a place in the "price war", they can still bear a certain amount of market pressure. Small and medium-sized coating enterprises that hit the market with low prices are even more struggling, and some even come to an end... "Winter is coming" has almost become the mantra of insiders

paint is the largest user of pigment grade titanium dioxide. Generally, the consumption of titanium dioxide in the coating field accounts for more than 60% of the consumption in the application field of titanium dioxide. At the same time, it is also a pigment with the largest consumption in the coating industry. China's titanium dioxide enterprises expanded their production increment during the vigorous development of the coating industry, so that when the coating market was weak, they showed a "embarrassing" state of being unable to manufacture aluminum in copper aluminum transition terminals

2015 is coming to an end, and the serious downward pressure of the market economy has forced many industries to face "bankruptcy". The titanium dioxide market is constrained by the overview of the pin on disk friction and wear tester in the paint market, which is difficult to reverse or continue to "bottom out" in the short term

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