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Analysis of the impact of the Tenth Five Year Plan on the building materials industry and related listed companies

analysis of the impact of the Tenth Five Year Plan on the building materials industry and related listed companies has initially achieved the results of "government investment, enterprise funding, and active participation of platform members"

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there are many opportunities for new building materials

the tenth five year plan will integrate new wall materials, interior and exterior wall decoration materials Plastic doors and windows and plastic pipes will be the new building materials products to be developed in the next five years. Among them, IDA moskona, an industrial designer of non clay hollow products, concrete blocks, various lightweight panels and composite panels that can replace solid clay bricks, is tirelessly trying to make new wall materials that combine polyurethane materials, textile fabrics, wood and metal materials. At present, there is no listed company in production, which is expected to become the investment hotspot of listed building materials companies in the next stage

at present, there are few listed companies engaged in the production of interior and exterior wall decoration materials. Beixin building materials only operates it as a non main business. After the introduction of the plan, this business should become its development focus. Listed companies engaged in the production of plastic doors and windows include conch profiles, Guofeng plastics, Baoshuo shares, Guanghui shares, Beixin building materials, etc. conch profiles takes it as the only business, and its production capacity ranks second in China. The market popularity of products is the highest in China. The production capacity of the national plastic industry ranks third, with a production capacity of 60000 tons. The plan will vigorously support the development of plastic doors and windows as the focus of the development of new building materials, This will help these companies develop towards large companies and enterprise groups

Keller Co., Ltd. is one of the largest plastic pipe manufacturers in China, with an annual production capacity of about 40000 tons. As a new product mainly promoted for indoor water supply pipes, gas pipes, hot water pipes and underground drainage pipes, plastic pipes have a good market prospect. Glass fiber, the main product of Sinochem, is one of the inorganic non-metallic new materials supported by the planning, and is the basic material for electronic information and aerospace. The market sales situation is very good, and the strength of the company is expected to continue to strengthen

then how to judge the quality of the fixture of the tensile testing machine? Generally, the cement industry needs to be adjusted according to the following three points

the cement industry has long been irrational in industry structure and extremely disordered in market competition, resulting in the poor economic operation quality of cement listed companies. After eliminating 100 million tons of backward production capacity in 1999 and 2000, the industry has improved, but the cement market price is still at a low ebb. The tenth five year plan will continue to focus on the adjustment of the product and technical structure of the cement industry, continue to eliminate more than 60million tons of backward production capacity according to the principle of "equal elimination" or "excessive elimination", and vigorously develop new dry process cement production lines. The new dry process cement will be the focus of the development and structural adjustment of the cement industry

the tenth five year plan proposes that western cement enterprises should seize the favorable opportunity of western development and actively develop new dry process cement production lines, which is undoubtedly a good opportunity for Tianshan shares, Sichuan Shuangma, Qilian Mountains, Qinling cement, Xishui shares, etc. in the West. The tenth five year plan also encourages cement enterprises to develop into large companies and enterprise groups, which is conducive to the formation of enterprise groups by listed companies and listed companies in the same region through asset restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and enhance market competitiveness

the glass industry has a good prospect

listed companies in the glass industry are large backbone enterprises in the industry. In the past few years, they have suffered from the impact of small glass enterprises. In recent two years, the state has vigorously stopped production and closed a number of small pingla glass enterprises. The tenth five year plan takes structural adjustment and industrial upgrading as the main tasks of the glass industry, strictly restricts the construction and expansion of the original flat glass production line, prevents low-level repeated construction, and eliminates backward processes such as small flat drawing. This will further improve the market order, which is very beneficial to listed companies

it is planned to take high-quality float glass as the development focus during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. For xiangyaopi glass, which has three of the country's only eight high-grade float glass production lines, the prospect is promising, and the company will become the main provider of high-quality float glass in China. The "Tenth Five Year Plan" focuses on the development of high-quality float glass, and urges Luoyang Glass and Yaohua Glass, which are mainly based on the "Luoyang float" process, to make corresponding technical improvements, improve the overall process level and improve the quality of glass. The tenth five year plan also encourages the glass industry to develop in a group and scale, which is very beneficial to the development of Fuyao Glass with a market share of 50%

there is great pressure on the construction ceramics industry

in recent years, the domestic construction ceramics industry has been blindly expanding and a large number of repeated construction. The whole industry is in a state of excessive competition, and the benefits of listed construction ceramics companies have fallen sharply. The tenth five year plan puts forward that the development direction of the building ceramics industry is to develop high-grade products, increase medium-grade products, and compress low-grade products, which will guide the building ceramics industry to develop in the direction of producing high-grade products, change the current situation that a large number of low-grade products flood the market and high-grade sanitary ceramics depend on imports, and gradually eliminate those small ceramic factories with backward technology and low-grade products, It is conducive to the improvement of the building and sanitary ceramics market, which has played a great role in promoting the overall development of China's experimental machine industry. Affected by the plan, Jiangquan industry, Guoguang ceramics, Siwei ceramics and other companies will give play to their advantages of strong technical strength, advanced technology and high-grade products, and gradually occupy the high-end building and sanitary ceramics market. Other building ceramics companies will also be affected by the gradual improvement of market conditions, which is expected to stop the downward trend of benefits

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